Custom this!

Today in the new appointment with #RainyBrandingTuesday, I want to talk about customization and gadgets.

We may immediately think of those pens you grab at trade shows, those anti-stress little gadgets that my dad used to bring home from a conference he’s been too and even magnets, yes, the touristy ones.

Well, there’s nothing wrong with them – because who doesn’t love a pen? From the name you used to write on your school diary to the pendant at Tiffany’s to the engraving on a purse or even an iPad, customization has been used for centuries since the time the amanuensis was a popular trade.

V like very nice

V like very nice

We miss you, Steve

We miss you, Steve

A translator, please

A translator, please

In marketing, that also applies: it means finding a country-tailored product or strategy which focuses on cross-border differences in the needs and wants of target customers, appropriately changing products in order for them to match local market conditions.

Basically, in the language industry, that is achieved with dubbing, or subtitles or first and foremost, with localization ie. adapting the company’s products to local needs.

Think of Nike ID – you can even have your initials sewn into the shoes! And what about the recent project from Coca Cola and the frantic search for a can with your name on it? If you think about Starbucks, have you ever noticed that despite the general theme, every country has differente paninis or drinks?

Colour me pretty

Colour me pretty




Three is the magic number


Espresso, one sugar

 I am sucker for all things personalized and so far I’ve made the most of affordable solutions to market my services as an entrepreneur: stickers, coffee cups, badges, tote bags, oyster cards… the choice is yours and should be tailored to the audience or type of message.

Rainy Stickers!

Rainy Stickers!


– it makes your brand stand out

– people like to be given things – it shows you invested

– most people are collectors and like unique things

– pens are very handy, as are USB drives and the likes

– they can be passed on and reach a wider audience

– it creates engagement, promotes brand loyalty

All you need is love

All you need is love


Cuore di mela

Cuore di mela

WHERE TO GET STARTED? Just a few suppliers I’ve used in the past:

  • – for various retailer that can customized their goodies for you
  • – for white label goodies to be fully personalized
  • – ceramics and china to be customized with your design
  • or – for printing needs, banners and cards
  • – for jewelry and hand-made little treasures
  • – for sweet marshmallows with your IG pictures on them
  • – for hand-made printing on canvas, fabric, tee shirts and totes


– Instagram —> share your ideas and customized images

– Facebook —> complementing your social media strategy and identity

– Pinterest  —> create a board and share away

Read more:

… See you next week!


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