Need help with a logo? Are you stuck for the perfect business name or brand?

Rainy Branding comes in to the rescue.

Fancy a cuppa?

Together, we will find YOUR cup of tea. Or coffee…

Valeria Aliperta – the director of Rainy London Translations – draws from her own experience on how to create a personal brand and offers branding makeover chats and consultancy (Not in London? Not the end of the world! We can arrange a hassle-free, from-the-comfort-of-your-home Skype call and we work around the best time zone to do it, too).

This is aimed to freelancers who are on the look for a smashing business name and need brainstorming, inspiration, tips and tricks to find the right direction.

Already have a logo or an idea? Well done, you! Still, if you need a nudge in the right direction or just be reassured that it does work for your concept, Valeria can work with you to polish it and make sure it works even better. In case of existing identity, this consultancy can help you revamp it by improving the look & feel of logo, tagline, copy, website, stationery, design, marketing material, etc.

Val may have taste but she’s no designer. That’s why she relies on her resident designer, Fabio, from Artscode for all things creative.

Or maybe it’s social media you need help with. No panic: work with Val to identify the right platform/s and see how it can boost your visibility online. Fact.

So, WHEN do we start?


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