Rainy Branding Tuesday!

The time has come for a bit more action!

Today I want to share with you a new appointment, called #RainyBrandingTuesday.

I am passionate about branding and identity and there are so many things to share and discuss on this fascinating topic. I will be sharing links and info all along today – and every Tuesday – so make sure you stay up-to-date by following the hashtag #rainybrandingtuesday!

To launch this new section, I would like to start by talking about a new trend in branding, that’s taking the web and companies over like a storm: it’s called edible branding.

Artists and foodies are combining their skills to obtain innovative edible items, such as this delicious lollipop by talented Italian photographer Massimo Gammacurta

Sweet got sweeter

Sweet got sweeter

More recently I had the chance to see examples much closer to me: boomf.com, brain child of Princess Katherine’s little brother, James, is leveraging the power of Instagram – and the sweet tooth of the Brits! – with his innovative mallows… using your favourite IG pics!

I could not resist because I like customizing so much…. so, here’s my personal take:

I am not good at baking but if you are, why not trying some home-made love to send your customers?

This is what @LogaTranslation’s María López has done recently, with her yummy, Chinese-inspired, vegan fortune cookies:

And last but not least, galletas!

I had the honour of receiving a ‘custom’ @rainylondon biscuit last December and I loved it! This is an idea of Gabriel Cabrerawhose wife is a very talented baking-enthusiast. They are ‘galletas de visita’.

Cakes have been increasingly going towards this trend too – with examples such as this, by Lily Pad Bakery, which I discovered via a fellow translator:

Screen Shot 2014-02-03 at 20.42.06

As the saying goes: ‘come to dark side, we have cookies’ ! And in my experience, sweets never fail to impress!

How could this be used?

  • As a nice festive present together with a card;
  • A a sweet way to say thank you to a special client;
  • Even as a gift when you visit a client in person – I’m sure they won’t forget you that easily!
  • At a promotional event or a trade show;
  • At a networking events – as Gabriel (see above) did.

What do you make of this new trend? Are you on board? Do you think being this different can help your visibility and make your clients remember you?

Share your thoughts!

Want to read more? There you go:


3 thoughts on “Rainy Branding Tuesday!

  1. I love the idea! After several months of hard work, I’ve just found my commercial identity and the webpage is on its way! Maybe I should have a thought about edible branding… Sounds good! Thanks for the advice, cara! 😉

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