What would you do with 60 seconds of the world silence aka: the power of the perceived value

I’ve recently explained to a group of webinar attendees the importance of brand and entrepreneurial mind. I’ve told them how your focus and drive should ooze towards others; how being confident can be, yes, scary, but how it also defines and shapes the way other perceive you as a reliable and gutsy person / product / speaker etc.

Seeing somes before words

Seeing comes before words

In the same fashion, the way you project yourself outwards ultimately represents your business in the eyes of others it’s all about the perceived value that David Airey mentioned in his book.

What would you do with 60 seconds of the world’s silence?”

Ije Nwokorie challenges readers in an article for Computer Arts. “Would you charm them with your crafted elevator pitch? Would you show off what you’ve got?” he goes on. And I add: would you tell them who you are? Would you propose the meditated version of yourself that screams ‘Pick me’? Or would you give them a taste of your goods (“like a legalised drug dealer”, as Ije says in the piece)? I think the bottom line here is giving people something that matters to them – and that is how this links back to last week’s emotional writing postthe need for people to be told a story, the need to feel personal, close, surprised, rewarded. So how would you invest your 60 seconds?

What would you do to make your audience see how you can make the difference?

My 60 seconds? Take 1: the pitch

I quite like a short ’n’ sweet elevator’s pitch. While it can be crafted (and should be carefully rehearsed) it should never be stuffy. My aim is for people to remember why I’m THE person they may need.
  • short;
  • with little details;
  • no numbers;
  • 1 sentence, possibly with a question;
  • possibly with room for a question to be asked by your interlocutor;
  • with that “wanting for more” feeling (curiosity, originality…)
  • straight to the point, closured by a business card if the situation allows for it.
Branding should be smashing too

Branding should be smashing too

My 60 seconds? Take 2: the pros of working with me
Showing the result of my work: this can be tricky for interpreters but can be done by giving examples of output and solutions offered to people just like your prospect client. I can help your business expand in a new market – yes, but in THIS and THIS (specific for you) way. Inclusion and examples, again… storytelling, isn’t it?
Advantages of choosing me

Advantages of choosing me

My 60 seconds? Take 3: the “try me” 
In the shape of a sample job or simply an hour spent at the client’s office or discussing needs – if you do your homework, you can anticipate the expectations and the possible needs of a prospect client and make sure you act as a problem-solver for them, offering a “consultancy” for free.

What do you think? How would you use your 60 seconds to impress the world?

Won't you trust me? :)

Wouldn’t you trust me? 🙂

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