Visual animals, with a low-attention span: use images to engage with your brand

Welcome back to a new #rainybrandingtuesday post.
The new iPhone is out and has an amazing camera, new DSLRs are coming out every week and photo sharing is literally the new black. Have you ever thought about how you could use images and photos for your branding?

After a quick check on Wikipedia, we know that:

“Visual brand language is branding terminology for a unique “alphabet” of design elements – such as shape, color, materials, finish, typography and composition – which directly and subliminally communicate a company’s values and personality through compelling imagery and design style. This “alphabet”, properly designed, results in an emotional connection between the brand and the consumer. Visual brand language is a key ingredient necessary to make an authentic and convincing brand strategy that can be applied uniquely and creatively in all forms of brand communications to both employees and customers. Successful Visual Brand Language creates a memorable experience for the consumer, encouraging repeat business and boosting the company’s economic health. It is a long-term creative solution that can be leveraged by an executive team to showcase their brand’s unique personality“.

And as Davenports Media stresses, 44% of people (out of a recent survey by ROI Research) are more likely to engage with brands on social media if they posted pictures – more than any other means of connection such as links or status updates. Facebook is a good example, and so is Instagram.

People are more likely to do business with someone they know and trust – I always say that a good pro headshot says a million words. And even though we like to think first impression is an obsolete concept nowadays, it is also true that you cannot make a second one.

How to combine visuals on social media

How to combine visuals on social media

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 13.52.17

importance of visuals
Davenports Media goes on:

It is just as important to display your services professionally as well. Well taken photos will enhance your business’ PR whether its online or on printed media. Fliers and hand outs, if given out in the high street, at events and exhibitions, or hand delivered to homes, are much more likely to be read and not binned if they are covered with eye catching imagery.

Photos and images can be sourced off the internet even though my take is all about original content. Still, you can:
-buy stock images,
-hire a photographer
-or use your own photographs.

As read in Sendible,

according to Trend Reports, between 65% and 85% percent of people describe themselves as visual learners. This means they digest information more easily by viewing an image instead of reading text. Understanding this phenomenon can help optimize your social media marketing campaign and give you an edge over competitors who mainly publish written content.

So, to recap, I’d like to share with you some takeaways, found on The Next Web and give some of my own:

  • Get creative in how you use graphics
  • Put the social back in social media have fun
  • Get advice from someone: ask around if they like your photos or the choice of stock images
  • Don’t post for post’s sake: of course images should be relevant and well thought
  • Invest in a decent camera: even if you’re not a pro, you obtain much better quality images
  • Get your photos take in a studio by a professional. They can suggest best lights and setting.
  • If you’re not sure, stay low-profile
  • Remember:

    The most high-impact visuals are those that personalizes your content. We all know a good meme says much more than words alone could.

    Some insight and extra reference:

    Put watermark on your photos. You can use Over for iPhone too.
    The relevance of images to grow business
    Tips on using social media and photos


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