Branding & social media: a match made in heaven

Welcome to a new #rainybrandingtuesday appointment. Today, we talk about social. Branding also means using social media correctly. I understand that not everyone is keen on social media or online tools in general, but it would be a good investment for any freelancer to at least consider being on a platform or two. I could be talking about HOW to use social media, but the reason I’m blogging about it today is to in fact stress WHY.

Off the top of my head… Why?

– SEO purposes

– visibility

– visibility

– visibility

As freelancers, it’s crucial to be found – I always repeat this in my talks, and I’m gladly repeating it until everyone understands it. For clients to hire you, they need to be able to find you. “They can find me via recommendations” – true. Yet, I’m sure all of you checked a company someone recommended before actually hire them, didn’t you? The same is valid with web presence. And a relatively basic starting point can be social media.


My tips:

  • make sure your identity / branding matches the platforms.
  • check your name is not taken (via for example)
  • plan posting: be consistent and save time in one go.
  • respect etiquette: every means is different

As an example, on FACEBOOK you could follow these 5 golden rules

As read on Ninja Marketing (my bold):

#1 Engage in a creative way – contests and gifts

Interactivity, participation: via questions, images, to associate to the brand. In any case, just be unexpected.

#2 Post highly viral content

Iconic pictures, quotations, spelling mistakes… #grammarnazi or Grammarly.

#3 Create a faithful community by offering added value

Customise the page and make sure users can find something special. E.g. Italian lessons, useful words in other languages, flash cards, travel tips… Fan Downloads to get wallpaper, screensavers & emoticons

#4 Be fun … or at least try!

Highly social platforms must use caption this images, experience sharing, etc

#5 Become a household name

Of course Oprah is a long way from us, but try your best.

  • schedule posts: you can use Buffer or HootSuite for instance
  • check what others are doing (also follow other translators and ABOVE all, clients!)
  • interaction brings contacts that bring potential work – networking, again!
  • make your profile appealing: this is on g+ for instance 
  • invest in pictures
  • A professional headshot and you're ready to go.

    A professional headshot and you’re ready to go.

  • choose the platform wisely
Spoilt for choice. Yet, thing before you act.

Spoilt for choice. Yet, thing before you act.

And remember: these are the rules of social media: 

36 and counting...

36 and counting…

Good examples of corporate use of social media:

  1. John Lewis
  2. Coca Cola
  3. Marie Forleo
  4. Ellen Degeneres
  5. GoT
  6. Louis Vuitton

Check my platforms and see for yourself:


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